A quick summary thread on where we are:

1. Public health guidelines, in the WHO's case, refreshed in late 2019, ruled out lockdowns & most of the mandated NPIs being deployed.

2. The guidelines were trashed on the Chinese say-so, relayed by WHO's Bob Aylward, without evidence.

3. Overwhelmingly, the data tell us that lockdowns don't save lives.

4. Claims about lockdown efficacy have pretty much retreated to the domain of some hand-waving about NZ and Aus, despite the fact that they just happen to be the ones locking down amid a vast sea of zilch.

5. The idea that it is the epidemic, not the lockdowns, that caused the insane level of damage we have witnessed, which will surely lead to death way beyond what Covid has delivered, doesn't stack up against the '57-'58 flu impact, or common sense.

6. The damage is exacerbated by an unprecedented shift in wealth & income from the poor to the rich.

7. Good models teach us that lockdowns are expected to shift disease burden to the vulnerable, encourage tricky variants and keep us in flux for longer than necessary.

8. Lockdowns & fear-mongering have been used to kill the democratic processes that would allow the vulnerable people abused by them to defenestrate their overlords, & the free speech that would allow them to talk about that.

9. Lockdowners have won a battle, but will lose a war.

Originally tweeted by Nick Hudson (@NickHudsonCT) on February 7, 2021.