Month: February 2021

Lockdowns don’t save lives and Sweden is all the proof you need – The Citizen

Since February 2020, it had been known that the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes Covid-19 in susceptible individuals, was very closely related to other coronaviruses, some widely circulating. The likelihood that immune systems would find it completely novel was low.
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Corona children studies “Co-Ki”: First results of a Germany-wide registry on mouth and nose covering (mask) in children

Impairments caused by wearing the mask were reported by 68% of the parents. These included irritability (60%), headache (53%), difficulty concentrating (50%), less happiness (49%), reluctance to go to school/kindergarten (44%), malaise (42%) impaired learning (38%) and drowsiness or fatigue (37%).

Calcifediol Treatment and COVID-19-Related Outcomes by Xavier Nogués, Diana Ovejero, J. M. Quesada-Gomez, Roger Bouillon, Dolores Arenas, Julio Pascual, Judith Villar-Garcia, Abora Rial, Carme Gimenez-Argente, ML. Cos, Jaime Rodriguez-Morera, Isabel Campodarve, Robert Guerri-Fernandez, Marta Pineda-Moncusí, Natalia García-Giralt :: SSRN

This is a very important study on vitamin D and Covid-19. Its findings are incredibly clear. An 80% reduction in need for ICU and a 60% reduction in deaths, simply by giving a very cheap and very safe therapy – calcifediol, or activated vitamin D.

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They say that history doesn’t repeat, but it rhymes.

They say that history doesn't repeat, but it rhymes.

Let's take a little trip down memory lane, examining the track records of three people who push Covid-19 vaccination and the Covid-19 hysteria.


1. Gabriel Scally, 2010:

"I would strongly encourage you to take up the swine flu vaccination…

The best protection that you can have against swine flu is to be vaccinated…

In due course, the vaccine will be made available to the general public."

Six million people ended up taking Pandemrix in the UK.

Some doctors described the subsequent rise in narcolepsy as an epidemic.

It ended up being withdrawn after it was found to be unsafe.

In relation to Covid-19 vaccinations, Scally has said:

“The safety processes have not been cut short on these vaccines, and I'm very, very confident about them.”

2. Tony Holohan, 2009:

Holohan said that Pandemrix had "a very good safety profile".

"He added that it was very important young people in at risk groups get vaccinated as quickly as possible."

Holohan: "We have no hesitation in recommending it."

A case against the HSE in relation to this was settled as recently as November.

The victim argued that "there was a failure to fully inform people of the risks associated with the vaccine, in particular its effect on children."

3. Sam McConkey predicting swine flu, 2009:

‘‘Even if you erred on the side of caution and estimated that one million people got it, and that one in every 1,000 of those people were to die, it is like four jets going down in Dublin airport.”

"Most people appear to not be immune to the virus,” McConkey continued.

“…this influenza, while it is not particularly severe in many cases, does appear to be quite infectious.”

The eventual death toll in Ireland from swine flu was 27.

As Covid-19 arrived in Ireland, McConkey suggested that the death toll could be 80,000 to 120,000.

This was as bad as his swine flu prediction, being off by a factor of 40x (using the fabricated Covid death numbers – he's even more wrong than this).

McConkey is on the Board of the European Vaccine Initiative.

EVI is funded by CEPI, which in turn is funded by Wellcome, Bill Gates and World Economic Forum.

The links are all very obvious after a while:

People are entitled to get things wrong. Of course, nobody can get everything right.

But if someone's track record includes whipping up hysteria or pushing a hastily-manufactured vaccine, and they are doing it again – why trust them this time?


Originally tweeted by Graham Neary (@GrahamNeary) on February 8, 2021.

IJERPH | Free Full-Text | COVID-19 and the Political Economy of Mass Hysteria | HTML

In this article, we aim to develop a political economy of mass hysteria. Using the background of COVID-19, we study past mass hysteria. Negative information which is spread through mass media repetitively can affect public health negatively in the form of nocebo effects and mass hysteria. We argue that mass and digital media in connection with the state may have had adverse consequences during the COVID-19 crisis. The resulting collective hysteria may have contributed to policy errors by governments not in line with health recommendations. While mass hysteria can occur in societies with a minimal state, we show that there exist certain self-corrective mechanisms and limits to the harm inflicted, such as sacrosanct private property rights. However, mass hysteria can be exacerbated and self-reinforcing when the negative information comes from an authoritative source, when the media are politicized, and social networks make the negative information omnipresent. We conclude that the negative long-term effects of mass hysteria are exacerbated by the size of the state.
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Nick Hudson: lockdowns are not science and they were never planned for

A quick summary thread on where we are:

1. Public health guidelines, in the WHO's case, refreshed in late 2019, ruled out lockdowns & most of the mandated NPIs being deployed.

2. The guidelines were trashed on the Chinese say-so, relayed by WHO's Bob Aylward, without evidence.

3. Overwhelmingly, the data tell us that lockdowns don't save lives.

4. Claims about lockdown efficacy have pretty much retreated to the domain of some hand-waving about NZ and Aus, despite the fact that they just happen to be the ones locking down amid a vast sea of zilch.

5. The idea that it is the epidemic, not the lockdowns, that caused the insane level of damage we have witnessed, which will surely lead to death way beyond what Covid has delivered, doesn't stack up against the '57-'58 flu impact, or common sense.

6. The damage is exacerbated by an unprecedented shift in wealth & income from the poor to the rich.

7. Good models teach us that lockdowns are expected to shift disease burden to the vulnerable, encourage tricky variants and keep us in flux for longer than necessary.

8. Lockdowns & fear-mongering have been used to kill the democratic processes that would allow the vulnerable people abused by them to defenestrate their overlords, & the free speech that would allow them to talk about that.

9. Lockdowners have won a battle, but will lose a war.

Originally tweeted by Nick Hudson (@NickHudsonCT) on February 7, 2021.

Sharp Reductions in COVID-19 Case Fatalities and Excess Deaths in Peru in Close Time Conjunction, State-By-State, with Ivermectin Treatments

Evidence in favour of Ivermectin for treatment of Covid-19 keeps stacking up.

For the 24 states with early IVM treatment (and Lima), excess deaths dropped 59% (25%) at +30 days and 75% (25%) at +45 days after day of peak deaths. Case fatalities likewise dropped sharply in all states but Lima, yet six indices of Google-tracked community mobility rose over the same period. For nine states having mass distributions of IVM in a short timeframe through a national program, Mega-Operación Tayta (MOT), excess deaths at +30 days dropped by a population-weighted mean of 74%, each drop beginning within 11 day after MOT start. Extraneous causes of mortality reductions were ruled out. These sharp major reductions in COVID-19 mortality following IVM treatment thus occurred in each of Peru’s states, with such especially sharp reductions in close time conjunction with IVM treatments in each of the nine states of operation MOT. Its safety well established even at high doses, IVM is a compelling option for immediate, large scale national deployments as an interim measure and complement to pandemic control through vaccinations.

Sharp Reductions in COVID-19 Case Fatalities and Excess Deaths in Peru in Close Time Conjunction, State-By-State, with Ivermectin Treatments