Month: August 2019

Origin life has not been explained

James Tour is one of the greatest chemist alive on the planet today. Possibly the number one. Listen to what he says. Then ask yourself this: if we, with all the knowledge we have, are utterly unable to assemble the most basic life form, how on earth are we to believe that they came together by chance? It is utter foolishness.

Renowned Yale Computer Science Prof Leaves Darwinism

This is a very interesting interview. I mean, there are some terrible philosophical and theological counterarguments in there, but in terms of why Darwinism is a failure and why Intelligent Design must not be dismissed as religion cloaked in science, it’s very interesting. David Gelernter is a notable computer scientist at Yale and has now officially renounced Darwinism. He also describes how Darwinism is no longer about science alone, but has become the foundation of a worldview, thus a religion in itself, so much so that it cannot be critiqued scientifically in the open without getting attacked for it.

That said, it is very clear how the ID movement alone can only take someone so far. Galernter has given up Darwinism, but is still lost in a non biblical worldview that cannot take him to eternal life found in Jesus Christ.

The genetic history of the Israelite nation

[Genetically,] Jews today absolutely fit both the biblical expectations and their oral and written history since the completion of the Old Testament canon. From the detailed history of the Jewish nation preserved in the biblical narrative, it should be clear that they started as a mixed population, maintained a degree of mixing with their neighbours, and continue to mix with outsiders today. However, as a Middle Eastern tribal community, they should have Middle Eastern genetic roots, and the evidence tells us they certainly do.

Modern science catches up with Neandertal man

In summary, we can conclude that with scientific advances made in anthropology and with more and more recent discoveries made over the past 150 years, the way Neandertals have been viewed according to evolution has changed dramatically. There are some variations in morphology, quite possibly due to a higher pre-Flood variation. But instead of primitive, brutish animals, half-way between animals and humans, we can state with high enough confidence that Neandertals are the same species as modern humans, and part of the human holobaramin.

Philosophical bias is the one bias that science cannot avoid

In an encouraging turn of events, a secular peer-reviewed paper published in eLIFE,written by a team from the NMBU Centre for Applied Philosophy of Science at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, backs up this understanding of the importance of worldviews. Their article is entitled, “Philosophy of Biology: Philosophical bias is the one bias that science cannot avoid.”

Basic philosophical assumptions count as biases because they skew the development of hypotheses, the design of experiments, the evaluation of evidence, and the interpretation of results in specific directions.

We saw that basic assumptions are fundamental premises for science. They represent the lens through which we see new information. So even when these assumptions are explicated and challenged, all we can do is replace them with alternative biases.

At last, secular research catches up with what Christian scientists have been saying for ages.

LCT gene and lactose intolerance

As it happens, not long ago I was yet again in a conversation about diary products, lactose intolerance, and evolution. It is very popular these days to repeat the mantra “cow’s milk is for cows, not for humans”. More and more people are buying into these “veganistic” idea that we were never meant to drink milk, but we “forced ourselves into evolving in drinking it, but it hasn’t worked very well, and that’s why it’s harmful for us”.

When I hear stuff like that, I shake my head, and think “would they believe they if they started ingesting mercury, they would eventually evolve to be able to live off mercury rather than just dying for its poisonous characteristics”?

That said, one colleague made the acute objection that the cows we drink the milk of are those we selectively bred for the very reason they produced milk we could drink. Of course, he also made the blind-faith leap that “this is how evolution works” (no, it isn’t — in fact, human aided selective breading only goes to show that evolution could never work unaidedly; plus, selective adaptation manipulates existing information, but never adds new information).

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