Those who call upon forced #Covid19 vaccination have no understanding or respect of the fundamental rights bestowed by the Creator God upon each of us, aside from being scientifically inept and misinformed. They, for all intents and purpose, align with nazism and communism.

Western constitutions, many borne out of the abuse of Nazism, which were rooted in pseudo-science just like this pandemic response, usually account for a single reason to suspend fundamental rights: WAR.

It’s not a chance, then, the pandemic response has been framed with the language of war. Yet, this is not a war, even though they want to persuade you otherwise. And no constitution accounts for suspension of rights due to a health crisis.

Those who call upon such extreme technocratic measures have a deeper problem. The media-led psycho-terrorism has exposed them to their deepest fear, which they had buried within them: DEATH.

Most of these terrorised people don’t have the certainty of life eternal in Christ, so they have developed a religious attitude towards the technocrats and their lies, trying to find hope where there is none: in man. They fear death and want a way out of it.

But only Christ defeated death. Even if #Covid were truly serious as they claim (and it’s not). Even if the vaccine were effective and safe (and it’s not). Death wouldn’t disappear. How many of the vaccinated will go on and die the next day/week/month for unrelated causes?

The terror instilled by the fear mongers into people has leveraged a uniqueness of modern man: death is a taboo. Something you don’t think about it. Modern, western man, is used to feel secure in their comforts and material riches. They anaesthetise themselves.

Monder man, faced with the reality of death, a bit like Neo was faced with reality after being disconnected from Matrix, have panicked. Their psyche cracked. And now they have given into fear, Satan’s preferred tool. And they have allowed fear to possess them.

When that happens, when Satan has his way with a person to such an extent, this person becomes fully a slave. Truth and rationality become an enemy. And so do all the people who embrace truth and rationality in their purest form: the Christian that renews their mind (Ro 12:2).

Originally tweeted by Vincenzo Russo ✝️ 🇬🇧 🇮🇹 (@enzoru) on December 27, 2020.