There’s a lot of analysis on excess deaths, and I have no intention to cover everything. But one thing is clear: the way deaths by Covid-19 have been counted is wrong in most countries. Also, the excess deaths is comparable to that of a bad flu year. Anyhow, this post is about something else: there’s now emerging evidence of something that, to me and many others, is pretty obvious; that is, that the lockdown has caused more excess deaths than the “pandemic” itself.

This study (Coronial autopsies identify the indirect effects of COVID-19) says:

Of the 67 autopsies done at our hospital during the first 2 months of lockdown, only two autopsies identified COVID-19 that was undiagnosed before death. More frequently, reduced access to health-care systems associated with lockdown was identified as a probable contributory factor (six cases) or possible contributory factor (eight cases) to death.

These causes included potentially preventable out-of-hospital deaths such as acute myocardial infarction and diabetic ketoacidosis, in which patients contacted the health services by telephone and were advised to self-isolate at home rather than attending hospital.

Direct reference to financial or work pressures caused by COVID-19 was identified in three of ten cases of suicide.

Deaths from drug and alcohol misuse significantly increased during the lockdown period in comparison to the same period in 2018 (appendix), but it was not possible to identify whether individual cases were influenced by COVID-19 movement restrictions