Influenza deaths overtook those caused by coronavirus in mid-June, UK figures show. What’s really noteworthy is that this happened in the midst of the measures that were (and are) in place for limiting the spread of Covid-19, which really, should limit the spread of any virus, because the principle is the same.

And yet Covid is basically not killing anymore, but flu is. What does this mean? That the drop in deaths by Covid-19 has got nothing to do with lockdown, masks, hand washing, etc. etc. It’s simply the course of the virus, just like many great virologists and epidemiologists had predicted.

Fake pandemic. If they only allowed treatment by HCQ+AZ+Zinc, Covid-19 would’ve likely caused far less deaths than influenza. In fact, it might have helped with influenza, too.

We didn’t have to have so many people dying. We didn’t to lockdown an entire world.

But they did. And they have reasons for it that are far beyond the containment of the disease.