Seriously, I am not too sure why would any foreigner touch on any other destination before going here. The reason most do is because they were indoctrinated with an extremely biased advertising by Italy, that only promotes places from Rome up north.

Naples, the one and only.

Two days ago I went to take my car for service, and I ended up chatting with a guy who works there. As it happens, he asks where in Italy I am from, and I go: “Naples”. Then the guy asks me what would be a good destination in Italy to go to for his wedding anniversary. I repeat: “Naples”.

As English people are used to hear Rome, Venice, Florence, and all the usual places Italy has been promoting, carefully avoiding southern destinations, the guy looked puzzled and in need of convincing.

So, I went: Naples is the former capital of an independent kingdom who lasted more than 700 years, before being annexed to Italy little over than 150 years ago. In the 19th century was amongst the top European capitals together with London, Paris, Vienna. There’s so much to see there that a month wouldn’t be enough time for you. And that’s without considering that you are within easy reach of The Royal Palace of Caserta, which is even grander than Versailles; Pompeii; biblical places like Pozzuoli; places like Lake Avernus, that features in old epics like Virgil’s Aeneid; and the Amalfi coast. And I have only just begun.

The guy looked stunned and said “I am definitely going to go there”.

Now, that’s just a hint of how Italy should promote Naples. But they don’t, of course. Nobody would hardly ever be going to the rest Italy if they did ?