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Truth is absolute

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There is no such thing as “your truth” or “my truth”. There is the truth, and then there is opinions. One’s opinion may or may not align with the truth. When it does, it means one is right, when it does not, it means one is wrong. Take the absoluteness of truth away, and you have taken away the ability to judge any claim of any nature right or wrong.

Morality by intelligence

Yesterday an interesting conversation started that however was interrupted abruptly. We were talking about food (as you do), which these days is a more challenging subject than one might imagine, with people avoiding food for all sorts of alleged moral reasons.

This was one of those cases. This person said to like octopus (which I had mentioned), but they wouldn’t eat it because they are, I quote, “quite intelligent creatures”. To which I reacted with a “meh”. Not because I did not care, but because that’s my standard reaction when someone that adopts subjective moral reasoning starts pontificating about morality.

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Nanotech and Jesus Christ

Jim Tour, Ph.D., a professor at Rice University, is ranked in the top ten most cited chemists in the world. He is known for creating nanocars, nanoelectronics, graphene nanostructures and carbon nanovectors in medicine.

I had the pleasure of exchanging emails personally with Jim, following the funeral of our mutual brother in Christ Nabeel Qureshi, whom Jim knew very well personally. Like with everything and everybody, I don’t agree 100% with him on all things, and I am personally a young earth creationist whilst he is more of an old earth one. But you can’t fault the fact that he’s one of the greatest living scientists of this age, and if there’s anyone who should understand evolution it’s him.

A reasoned response to an atheist’s objections

The following is part of a response (edited and corrected, mostly to eliminate grammar blunders) to real objections raised by an atheist I know. The debate began informally with him respectfully disagreeing with something I had posted on Facebook. His points are quoted, then answered.

As per your request, I will add more details about my position of defence in my point-by-point responses, to expound on the necessity of Yahweh1 for all absolutes and on why your (or any other unbiblical) worldview is incapable to account for the preconditions of knowledge and intelligibility, thus rendering this exchange impossible outside of my worldview.

As I answer, I may touch on some concepts, but not fully expound on them until some answers further down. So best to read the whole thing. Also, I’ll be linking to biblical references, and I advise you follow the links in order to understand the full breadth of my arguments.

Let’s get started.

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