Month: July 2019

Morality by intelligence

Yesterday an interesting conversation started that however was interrupted abruptly. We were talking about food (as you do), which these days is a more challenging subject than one might imagine, with people avoiding food for all sorts of alleged moral reasons.

This was one of those cases. This person said to like octopus (which I had mentioned), but they wouldn’t eat it because they are, I quote, “quite intelligent creatures”. To which I reacted with a “meh”. Not because I did not care, but because that’s my standard reaction when someone that adopts subjective moral reasoning starts pontificating about morality.

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Nanotech and Jesus Christ

Jim Tour, Ph.D., a professor at Rice University, is ranked in the top ten most cited chemists in the world. He is known for creating nanocars, nanoelectronics, graphene nanostructures and carbon nanovectors in medicine.

I had the pleasure of exchanging emails personally with Jim, following the funeral of our mutual brother in Christ Nabeel Qureshi, whom Jim knew very well personally. Like with everything and everybody, I don’t agree 100% with him on all things, and I am personally a young earth creationist whilst he is more of an old earth one. But you can’t fault the fact that he’s one of the greatest living scientists of this age, and if there’s anyone who should understand evolution it’s him.

Italy’s coolest city is Naples

Naples manages to survive. It used to be the third greatest European capital after London and Paris. Then when its Kingdom was annexed to Italy via a British-French-funded operation behind the scenes of the Kingdom of Sardinia, the city started to suffer, literally being robbed of its riches and its people by the new state.

Still, Naples seems to be tough, and despite all the problems today, it’s still a fascinating place to be.

This article says

With its strong community spirit, unsanitised street culture and crumbling architecture, the gritty southern-Italian city of Naples attracts those who want to see a raw and untamed side of Italy.

In their piece they talk about buzzing bars and impromptu gigs for those in the know, subversive street art and cutting-edge galleries, vintage pioneers and atmospheric boutiques, and a warm welcome at locally owned apartments and B&Bs.

Atheism fail

In 2009 atheists in the United Kingdom launched a public campaign to preach their message of unbelief by using advertising space on public busses. These busses are emblazed with the slogan, “There’s probably no god. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.”

Some people find this slogan rather odd. If these atheists are so sure there’s no god why does the sign say, “There’s PROBABLY no god.” Atheists have responded by pointing out that they can’t say there’s no god, because that would be taking a faith position.

But perhaps more puzzling is the second part of the slogan, which reads, “Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.” This prompted one journalist, skeptical of religious beliefs to write, “What on earth is there to celebrate? We’re talking about death, about not existing, being wiped out forever and it could happen any time. If that’s not cause for worry what is?”

It seems Atheism is devoid of answers and devoid of hope.


Important victory in court for Christians in the UK

Christian Concern is delighted to announce that following a long wait for judgment, student social worker Felix Ngole has finally won his case.

Felix was expelled in 2016 from his social work course at the University of Sheffield after quoting Bible verses on Facebook that were deemed critical of homosexuality.

In 2015, he had entered into a discussion on Facebook over the imprisonment of Kim Davies, the Kentucky marriage registrar jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. During a vigorous online political debate, many views were exchanged on the Christian faith. A devout Christian, Felix quoted Bible verses affirming the traditional Christian opposition to same-sex marriage and of the sinful nature of homosexual activity.

Some months later, Felix was reported anonymously to the University of Sheffield by a fellow student and was subsequently disciplined in a Fitness to Practice hearing. He was informed that he had brought the social work profession into disrepute and was then expelled from the course, losing the career he had worked so hard for.

Evolutionary propaganda

This is a classic example of how people are brainwashed into believing macro-evolution is true. Whether intentional or just out of ignorance, that’s a different matter. What’s happening in this article is selection: the cockroaches that already had the ability to resist expressed in their genome survive and pass it on to the next generation. Hence we end up with only cockroaches that have that ability expressed. However, the ability wasn’t “evolved”, meaning it did not “appear out of nowhere”. It was in the genome already. It’s only proven advantageous in a particular setting, so to favour the survival of those that had it expressed. The cockroaches are still cockroaches and such they will remain.